Model RealTime 12.0

December 12, 2023

The Model RealTime development team is happy to announce that the next major version of Model RealTime, version 12, is now available and ready for production use. This release marks the beginning of a new phase for Model RealTime:

At the same time we also release Model RealTime 11.3 2023.49. This is planned to be the last release of Model RealTime 11.3.

Both new release Model RealTime 12 and 11.3 contain several new features worth highlighting. Let's take a look at some of them.

Working with Multiple Code Snippets in the Code Editor

Each code snippet now shows extra text after the code snippet name that tells where the code snippet comes from (either from a generated C++ file, or from the model). In the former case you can navigate to the code snippet in the generated file by means of a context menu Show in Generated Code. If the code snippet is empty, no extra text appears after the code snippet name. This makes it easy to quickly see which code snippets that contain any code when all code snippets are collapsed in the Code Editor.

Undo/Redo for working with multiple code snippets in the Code Editor was also improved in this release.

It's now possible to set substitutable types for an optional capsule part by using a new Set button in the Properties view. You can use this for specifying in the model which concrete capsules that will be incarnated into the capsule part at run-time. When you navigate to a state machine or composite structure diagram from such a capsule part, a dialog will appear so you can choose which capsule you want to open the diagram for.

DevOps Code RealTime

Just like Model RealTime, Code RealTime is a tool for developing stateful, event-driven realtime applications in C++. The main difference is that Code RealTime is an extension for Visual Studio Code and Eclipse Theia. As a user of Model RealTime you are entitled to using Code RealTime too. Both products share the same TargetRTS and therefore generate C++ code that works together. Learn more about Code RealTime here.

Learn more about the new features by watching the videos in our Sprint Demo YouTube Playlist.

Mattias Mohlin
Architect for HCL Model RealTime